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Web Design


The Four Step Plan..

The four step plan is a process which allows us to identify your specific needs and ideas and working together to achieve your end goal.

oxlade_ideaThe first aspect of the process is research, we go through what you would like from your site and put together all the aspects of the website that you want, from the company logo, colour scheme and the other regular aspects of the website like contact information etc.


We will also discuss domain names and how you want to host your website this can depend on how you would like the website work for your business. This could include customer management systems, marketing, and eCommerce.


Once we have this we move on to design.


The second part of the process is put a design together by gathering all the assets of the website. This could include getting original images, supplier permission for use of their images or creating new graphic art work for the design.

Once we have a wire frame and the assets together we will start the build of the templates for the site, which gives the basic layout.

From this we move on to the development.


This part of the process crosses over with the design side at this stage the site has got its basic form factor and we add on the whistles and bells so to speak, this might be a simple contact form or an interactive feature of the site. Items like this would have been discussed in the research stage and maybe worked on from the start but it’s added in to the site at this point. We will also start adding text to the site this will also involve doing some search engine optimisation work to try and achieve better ranking positions by using keywords.

Some developments might be the building of an eCommerce store which will need to be populated with the categories and products etc.



This isn’t us just giving you the passwords of your new site. We will visit you and show your staff responsible for the website around the hosting control panel and if you have a content management system we will familiarize them with the back end showing them how to alter content update pages etc.

We will also set up any social network sites you may have so they look and feel the same as your site.

Things we can do

  • Web Design.
  • Java script & jquery.
  • Development (In House & Sub-contract).
  • Graphic design (In House & Sub-contract).
  • Content Management Systems (CMS).

  • Hosting (Shared, VPS & Dedicated Servers).
  • Domain Names (Purchase and transfer).
  • Hosted Email (Access Outlook anywhere).
  • Full web site statistics (with hosting).
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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